Our Shaman

Wilbert Rodruiguez


Soccocassa’s Shaman, Wilbert Rodriguez, was born in Cusco, Peru in 1966. He attended school and university there and is a qualified, accredited guide with extensive experience. Earlier in his career he was involved in the Adventure Tourism industry and has walked the mountain trails of Southern Peru extensively, and visited remote spiritual sites rarely visited.

After childhood encounters with Shamen, Wilbert was called to train in the late 90s and found his teachers in the Amazon and in Cusco. He started working as a shaman in 2000 and is called upon both for healing, cleansing and many ceremonial duties. He previously worked as assisting Shaman on Spiritual tours with others before starting to organise his own.

He aims to focus his tours on those wishing to know more of the Andean Spiritual path, those already on a spiritual path of their own and those interested in visiting and experiencing the energy of both the little known sites and those often visited by others.